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So… about our company. We are a local real estate solutions co., that gives you a chance to find your smile again and move forward with confidence,while providing win-win solutions to help you get out of your sticky situation. Like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, moving to another state, or anything else. At Quicksellclose.com, we focus on providing you the property owner with a custom solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.

Quicksellclose.com is a local company based out of Cleveland.  We’re a family owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re going through a divorce, tired of being a land lord ,ready to retire,inherited a unwanted problem,or just tired of  dumping money into the money pit! (no your house is not to ugly,we buy ugly houses also.) You may need to  sell your house fast, or just want to know are we really home buyers in Cleveland Ohio? The answer is “Yes” we are home grown,“Yes”,we are home buyers in Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas.! Working with homeowners is something we love to do and we do it… very well.

Now,we launched this company in 2016,specifically for homeowners that have found themselves in a pickle with their property. As home buyers in Cleveland Oh., we have this crazy idea that we can help people and rebuild out communities with a empathetic ear,integrity and some creative solutions while giving you the respect you deserve.

Working with you and solving your problems…well, that is simply what we love to do! So we don’t find it difficult to work the long hours,sacrifice time and sleep to build a custom creative solution for your situation. In fact the more unusual,difficult or seemingly impossible “We love it…crazy right?”.

Listen,the truth is we are problem solvers,what we do may not put people on the moon or cure cancer or anything that important or even that HUGE.However when your yelling “I need to sell my house fast!” we do understand that your problem feels that way,HUGE!!. So we take your problem very seriously and our creative solutions are prayerfully and carefully customized for you.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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